10 Animals Arrested For Serious Crimes

When it comes to offenders, unfortunately humans are not the only beings that are accountable. A number of non-human beings do give humans company when it comes to committing crimes. Yes, we are talking about animals who have committed serious crimes which have put them behind bars or have sentenced them to even serious sentences. So, let us take a look at some of them. Here’s presenting 10 animals arrested for serious crimes.

Ramachandran, The Elephant

During a local religious festival in Kerala, India, an elephant named Ramachandran apparently went mad and trampled three people to death. A criminal case was soon lodged against the 45-year-old elephant who was arrested, detained and was supervised by the environmental department. Its owner had to pay a fine of Rs. 30 lacs ad the animal was banned from attending any local festival for a whole three months tenure. This wasn’t the first time he was being violent though. Previously, he killed two people at a festival for which also he faced ban from attending festivals.

The Feline Smuggler

The Russian police found a black and white cat trying to smuggle a cell phone along with its phone charger taped under its belly to a Russian prison. When a prison guard noticed the cat sitting atop a prison fence, it was held at the prison which was located near the city of Syktyvkar in Komi Provence.

The Drunken Donkey

In the state of Chiapas in Mexico, a donkey was found biting once man and kicking another for which it was put in a cell, the one that usually holds people arrested for public drunkenness. The donkey had to stay in custody until its owner paid $420 for the medical bills of the tow affected men. Regarding its arrest, officer Sinar Gomez said, “Around here, if someone commits a crime they are jailed – no matter who they are.”

The Spy Ape

Next up on our list of 10 animals arrested for serious crimes is a monkey found roaming the streets of Cholistan district of the Pakistani town of Bahawalpur was suspected to be an Indian spy and was chased by the local residents. Failing to match up to its speed, the people turned to the local wildlife authorities who managed to get hold of him. The monkey was arrested, although it was soon cleared of everything and placed in the Bahawalpur zoo, where it is supposedly being taken care of.

The Black Goat

A black goat along with its owner was arrested and detained in the city of Janakpur after the animal was found eating the flowers from the garden of the district magistrate. Although both of them were released with a final warning, they were reprimanded by saying that if the act is repeated once again, there will be some serious repercussions. Seems like for some people a flower is worth more than harassing the lives of two beings.

The Dairy Eye-Witness

Next up on our list of 10 animals arrested for serious crimes is a cow was arrested for murdering 24-year-old Azeez Salako in Sango Ota, Ogun State in southwest Nigeria. Sounds shocking? Well, hear this out! The cow was actually innocent, but it was present at the wrong place at the wrong time. When a fight broke out between Salako with another man at a local carnival, things got heated up where the man stabbed Salako to death with a broken bottle. Sadly, by the time the cops arrived, everyone fled apart from the cow. As a result, the cops did what they thought best by arresting the innocent cow. The actual killer is by the way still on the loose.

Mookie, The Monkey

The Florida police put a capuchin monkey named Mookie under house arrest for 30 days after it bit its owner. Although it didn’t have any history with violence, the strict action was still undertaken to probably make sure that it doesn’t repeat the same offense.

The Contraband Feline

Next up on our list of 10 animals arrested for serious crimes is a cat was held up by the local police in a Brazilian prison when it was discovered that it was trying to make its way inside the gate with not only a cell phone but a tiny saw, memory card, drill, batteries and earpiece; all taped to its body. It was reported that the cat would be held in police custody until and unless any further leads about the whereabouts of the suspect who taped those products to the cat’s body is found out. Defending their action, one of the spokespersons gave a statement to the local media, “It’s tough to find out who’s responsible for the action as the cat doesn’t speak.”

The Shapeshifting Goat

In a bizarre true story, a goat was taken as a suspect in an attempted armed robbery case. When two men tried to arrest a car in Nigeria. Many believed that at least one of them transformed themselves into a black and white goat in order to evade arrest. The goat was arrested and police spokesperson Tunde Mohammed said, “We cannot confirm the story, but the goat is in our custody. We cannot base our information on something mystical. It is something that has to be proved scientifically, that a human being turned into a goat.”

Lorenzo, The Parrot

Lorenzo was one of many parrots who were trained from birth to serve drug cartel members. Whenever, the gang members were in danger of being caught by the police, the parrots were trained to cry out, “Run, run, the cat is going to get you!” When the law enforcement discovered this scheme, they caught the bird along with 1000 other similar birds.

In a world where many perpetrators roam around free, its truly weird how many animals have gone behind the bars or have been sentenced to even crueller punishments. We hope a more serious and sensitive law should be enforced in order to handle situations like these and to uphold animal rights. So, that was our list of 10 animals arrested for serious crimes.

Source: Yorkfeed.com

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