15 Amazing Animals Rescuing Other Animals’ Lives

We all know animals are amazing creatures, but they still continue to surprise and impress us at the turn after turn. In this collection of heartwarming, awe-inspiring, and shocking videos and photos, we see animals saving animals from certain death. In some cases, an animal is caught by a predator and is literally in the clutches of death. Other times, animals manage to get themselves in crazy predicaments until another animal comes to the rescue.

Take a look at these incredible stories of animals saving animals. After just a few of these tales, you’ll understand that animals are more aware and caring than we previously thought. SHARE this list with any animal lover you know.

1. Dog-Save-Dog World

In 2015, the story of Tillie’s loyalty went viral when it was discovered that the dog had stayed by her basset hound friend, Phoebe, for a week after Phoebe had fallen into a hole. Tillie reportedly would wait with Phoebe most of the day and only occasionally leave to seek out help. Needless to say, Tillie found someone eventually and led them to rescue poor Phoebe, who only suffered some slight dehydration.

2. Do Bears Eat Birds?

Here’s a surprising video that didn’t end how the videographer thought it would. When Aleksander Medveš filmed a drowning bird in a bear den, he – like all of us – assumed the bear was going to eat the bird. To the surprise and delight of everyone watching, the bear clawed at the bird in the water and plunged his mouth in, before revealing an unharmed bird being lifted safely onto the ground. The bear went back to eating his veggies and the bird dried its wings and flew away.

3. “Have You Heard This One?”

That’s the enigmatic premise behind a viral video from 2012. Debbie Faddis was out with friends and their dog when they stumbled upon the neighbor’s dogs floating uncontrollably downstream in a canoe. No one’s certain how they got there, but Faddis captured the incredible moment. Her black lab, Robbie, jumped into the water and knew enough to grab the boat’s rope and drag it back to shore.

4. Lifeguard Elk

Back in 2011, viewers were puzzled watching the beginning of a viral video. In the video, an elk acts strangely around its water tub. It paws at it and sticks its nose in, but doesn’t drink. Next thing you knew, the elk was lifting something out of the water, which happened to be a helpless marmot that had fallen in. Move over, Baywatch! Elkwatch is the latest hit!

5. Dynamic Duo

When Poncho the opossum was found clinging to its dead mother, the chances of survival were slim. Veterinarians were able to nurse little Poncho back to health, but the marsupial still needed a mother. Enter Hantu the white German Shepherd. Hantu instantly bonded with Poncho, creating an inseparable duo. The two got along so well that Poncho never left Hantu and they grew old together.

6. Baby Pig Saves Baby Goat

There’s a good chance you saw this video back in 2012 when it first went viral. In it we see a little pig saving a drowning goat. But things aren’t at all what they appear.

The video was revealed to be a hoax perpetrated by the Comedy Central show Nathan for You, in which the showrunners hoped to bring media attention to Oak Glen Petting Zoo. The hoax wasn’t discovered until seven months after the original video was posted, and after over 7 million people had viewed it.

7. Hangry Hangry Hippos

Hippopotamuses are known to be highly territorial, so maybe don’t chalk this one up to a high level of benevolence on this hippos’ part. Back in 2012, a zebra was in the crosshairs of a hungry crocodile. But the croc was encroaching on the hippos’ turf and learned that preying on food in those parts was off-limits. The zebra managed to escape but suffered a debilitating leg injury. We’re hoping it made it.

8. Prey Impala

When faced against a leopard, you wouldn’t think monkeys could do much to scare it away, but that’s exactly what happened in 2017 when a couple of baboons came to the rescue of an impala that was literally in the jaws of the fearful cat predator. The baboons scared off the leopard long enough for the impala to come out of shock and run away. Dinner had to wait for this leopard.

9. Baby Chick’s Unlikely Hero

In an incredible display of animal love filmed in 2011, an orangutan was seen eyeing the pool within its zoo enclosure. Visitors to the zoo discovered a baby chick had fallen in. The orangutan pulled a large leaf from a bush nearby and used that to pull the chick closer to the edge so it could scoop the baby bird out of the water. Adorably, the orangutan sat down beside the bird to marvel at it, as a child might with a new toy.

10. Hippo vs. Croc, Part 2

As we mentioned, hippos are highly territorial and don’t take kindly to strangers getting all up in their rotund grills. So, when an antelope was attacked by a crocodile in 2014, a group of hippos rushed in to kick and bite the croc until the antelope was able to escape.

11. Kitten Pup

When some loving humans stumbled upon a sick, abandoned kitten, they immediately took her to the vet to try to rescue her. The prognosis was bad, and Rosie the kitten wasn’t expected to survive more than a couple of days. The humans took her home anyway, promising to give her the best remaining days that they could. When the kitten was introduced to their husky, the unbelievable happened.

The pup-less husky, Lilo, immediately bonded with Rosie and even allowed the kitten to nurse. Rosie survived the night, and the next night, and the next, and just kept getting bigger and stronger. Rosie survived and grew up to be one of the husky pack. But that wasn’t the end of Rosie’s incredible story…

12. New Cat Mom

Rosie was nursed back to health from near-death by a loving husky. Coincidentally, the next year Rosie’s family found another abandoned kitten. Instead of giving the kitten to Lilo the husky, they tried giving Rosie a shot at recuperating a kitten. Sure enough, Rosie nursed the kitten back to health until it was well enough to be adopted.

13. Lion Saves Calf

When a baby calf was found abandoned, viewers on safari thought for sure that the baby was in trouble. When one lioness chased the calf down, they thought for sure that the calf was doomed. But what happened next shocked them.

The lioness ended up protecting the calf from another lioness that was lurking in the nearby brush. The lioness fought off the other and kept right by the calf’s side, just like a mother. But to be honest, we think this was a case of saving the calf from the other lion because she wanted the calf for dinner later. We’re going to pretend we never thought of that, and the lioness and calf are still together today.

14. Dog Grabs the Lifeline

Who’s a good boy!? When a man named Rafael Franciulli threw a stick into a river, his black lab jumped in after it, but got caught in the small waterfall nearby. As the video rolls and the black lab looks to get swept away, a Golden Retriever grabs the stick in the black lab’s mouth and pulls him to safety. We’re not certain that the black lab was in dire need of saving, as the people in the background don’t sound too concerned, but it’s still an incredible moment between the dogs. Watch:

15. Stormy Waters

In 2017, Storm the dog went viral after a video of him rescuing a baby deer from Long Island waters went viral. According to reports from the time, the dog noticed the fawn and took off into the water, dragging the baby back to shore in his jaws. The deer was in a state of shock but eventually recovered. It wound up back in the water, but by that time animal control experts had arrived. They were able to rescue it and make sure it was released far away from the water.

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