15 Dumb Jobs In The World That Would Make You Love Your Own Job

You might be totally unsatisfied with your job and your salary also might not make sense to you. But do you know there are jobs which are so bad and repulsive that they can never really be evaluated with money? Because no money is worth the hassle.

For instance would you ever take up a job as an odour tester? How about a sewer cleaner? There are people who take up unbelievable jobs at quite meagre salaries. If you ask us they are the ones who deserve to rant. Presenting the worst jobs in the world.

1. Cat food tester

Their job is to test out the quality and hygiene of cat food. And if you say it isn’t that bad hear us out. They have to sniff the vat food to make sure it has not gone bad. Make sure they don’t include any unseemly particles. They are also required to spread them out and actually manually check if it’s the right combination.

2. A grass watcher?

What if we tell you that you’ll be paid just to plant grass and watch them grow? You’d say the boredom would kill you. But there exists a job where somebody does exactly this. A woman named Helen Southall works in Lincoln’s British Seed Houses and her job is to plant grass, keep a count and a monitoring of each grass blade to see how much they’ve grown.

3. Portable toilet cleaners

If you’ve ever met a toilet cleaner you’d see that they are not very fond of their jobs. For obvious reasons. But you know what’s worse than cleaning toilets? Cleaning portable toilets which are often overflowing. Also known as port-a-potties, these are the toilets you find when you’re outside at a festival or at a line somewhere. These men are just handled a tank and a vacuum and we’d guess each if them even have to clean more than one toilet.

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