Here’s What Happens When You Put A Onion Slice On Your Tooth

Till date you might have loved your onions in salads, in curries and of course with your grilled steak but did you know about the immense health properties of an onion? Even though you could derive such benefits from consuming an onion, you could also derive the same by using it various ways too.

What you may not have known till now is that the onion is an excellent Onions can cure toothache as well as many natural ingredients that you may be aware of.

1. That’s right!!

A slice of onion placed on your tooth in case of a toothache can actually relieve the pain. All you need to do is chew an onion for a few minutes and minor toothaches will be reduced or gone within a short while. The science behind such a fact of onion curing toothache is simple.

Onion has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties. Once you chew the onion the juices are released into the mouth where it fights bacteria and inflammation. This reduces the infection and pain. Although onions can cure toothache, there are other methods besides.

2. Clove Oil

love is an age-old time tested remedy for toothache where clove oil is even marketed by herbal companies for toothache and dental problems. All you need to do is soak a cotton swab in a tincture of clove oil along with some olive or coconut oil and place it firmly in the affected area. The pain dies down within a few minutes. Clove is a natural analgesic and will numb the area, giving you time to arrange an appointment with a Dentist In batavia to get the issue dealt with.

3. Cough Drops

Cough drops usually contain a small amount of anesthetic which means they are able to eliminate the minor toothache. Just take 1-2 cough drops and such on them.

There is also another option that includes VapoRub. All you have to do is to apply it on the outside of your cheek where your tooth aches, place a paper towel on your pillow and lie down on that side.

4. Rinsing

Flossing or rinsing with mouthwash those contains analgesic properties is also a good idea to reduce toothache. You could also use interdental toothbrushes to dislodge food particles that could be full of bacteria and infecting your tooth causing the pain.

5. Cucumber

Slice a cucumber and place it on the aching tooth or just soak a cotton ball in brandy as alcohol has many helpful properties as well. the most important one is numbing the painful area. Moreover, there are some other natural ingredients that alleviate pain as well, including onions, garlic, wheat grass, salt water and spinach.

6. Tea Bag

In order to lower the swelling from an aching tooth, you should apply a hot tea directly to the tooth because it contains tannic acid.

7. Ginger Root

Cut the bark of a ginger root into small pieces. Chew it and allow it to remain on the infected tooth. The pain will decrease. Try these remedies besides an onion to cure toothache.


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