51 Chilling Photos Taken Just Moments Before Tragedy Struck

Hally Family On Fated MH17 Flight

This is the Hally family before taking off for their dream vacation aboard the doomed MH17 flight, which was shot down over Ukraine shortly after. At least 20 family groups were on board the aircraft, and 80 of the passengers were under the age of 18.

Hot Air Balloon Accident

Considered one of New Zealand’s worst air disasters, the Carterton balloon tragedy occurred when a hot air balloon struck several power lines and instantly caught fire. All 11 people on board were killed. A post mortem on the pilot found traces of cannabis in the 53-year-old’s system, which could possibly have affected his judgment while flying the vessel.

Roy Horn

Siegfried and Roy were a famed Las Vegas magic act that used live and dangerous animals as part of their performance until one day, during the middle of the act, Roy Horn found himself being mauled by one of the white tigers they used on stage and was left partially paralyzed by the attack.

Horn was saved, and he protested the mooted destruction of the animal saying it was ill and not its fault. He managed to save the tiger, but the magic act was discontinued.

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