51 Chilling Photos Taken Just Moments Before Tragedy Struck

Mandy K

When a woman named Mandy K jumped into Berlin Zoo’s polar bear enclosure in 2009, stunned onlookers couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing, leading many news outlets from around the world to report on the near-fatal drama.

The ex-husband of Mandy later revealed that she was incredibly depressed because she couldn’t find a job and believed it was a suicide attempt on her part. However, zookeepers were nonetheless incensed by her actions and went ahead pressing charges against her for breaching the peace and bringing their organization into disrepute. Fortunately for Mandy, she recovered from her injuries, which included severe maulings across the body.

A Final Parkour Leap

This photo captures Pavel Kashin last parkour leap. In 2013 Kashin, a well-known Parkour expert and free runner was trying to do a backflip against the wall. With his friends filming the leap, Kashin lost his balance and plunged 16 stories to his death.

John Lennon Before His Fatal Shooting

What looks like a regular paparazzi shot of famous musician signing autographs for fans, was actually a precursor to the death of a legend. When John Lennon was outside his Manhattan apartment, Mark David Chapman asked for his autograph and Lennon had no idea what was to come. Chapman assassinated him shortly after this picture was taken and a closer look reveals Chapman’s disturbing expression.

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