51 Chilling Photos Taken Just Moments Before Tragedy Struck

Like A Scene From Anaconda

A quick glance at this photo and you’ll think it’s just another one of those freaky shots where the victim doesn’t know what’s coming. But look closer and you’ll notice something: she’s actually fully aware of the snake and is actually holding it. It seems like she knows what she’s doing – and those handling giant Burmese pythons is her day job.

If it was her day job, after this incident she might be considering early retirement. As you’re no doubt aware, pythons are exceedingly deadly creatures. They aren’t venomous, but they will constrict you until you have a heart attack, and they have the ability to eat you whole. She wasn’t eaten whole, luckily, but the snake did begin its death squeeze before an onlooker was able to wrestle it away.

Catching Some Rays

Practical jokes are all well and good, but sometimes they get taken a little bit too far. Call it the YouTube phenomenon: they’re getting more and more extreme simply because they’re going to get more hits online. It’s not for fun anymore, just for the chance to go viral. Now look at her face in this photo – as if this isn’t going to launch a thousand memes.

Except this isn’t just not funny (especially for her), it’s also pretty dangerous. Yes, that’s a proper stingray on her back, and yes, that’s the same kind of animal that killed Steve Irwin back in 2006. There’s a good reason she’s screaming in absolute terror, and that’s because her boyfriend, probable ex by now, is actually trying to kill her.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. always knew that his life would be fraught with danger. Throughout his entire career, he had tirelessly struggled for civil rights for black people, and there were a great many people in the States who were against him. To him, though, it didn’t matter. In every great struggle there are martyrs, and he knew that no matter what happened, he would change the course of history forever.

His very last day in the war was captured on film as he stood on the balcony of his motel in Memphis. King was planning a movement that would occupy D.C., but he never knew that this would never come to pass. Instead, on the next day and the same balcony, he would be assassinated by James Earl Ray, sparking off a wave of riots across the country.

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