51 Chilling Photos Taken Just Moments Before Tragedy Struck

Wave Goodbye

We’ve talked about weddings, and we’ve talked about extreme sports. Not let’s talk about Instagrammers, and the extreme lengths they’ll go to get the perfect shot. You can’t imagine just how much time, and reshoots, it would have taken to get this photo exactly right. And for what? A couple more followers, a couple more hearts, a few more people apparently thinking you’re a better and cooler person.

That’s the price of fame these days, although this girl paid far more than she should have. A couple of quick physics observations first: 1. If a wave crashes over a mound of loose sand that you’ve built, it’s going to pick up that sand. 2. Water rushing over a hollow will create a vacuum, which will then suck that water into it, whether there’s a person there or not. 3. The human body cannot breathe water mixed with sand. Result: you do the math.

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