51 Chilling Photos Taken Just Moments Before Tragedy Struck

A Horrifying Crash

This haunting still shot from a dashcam video captures the moment that TransAsia Airways Flight 235 crashed into Taipei’s Keelung River on February 4, 2015. Two minutes after taking off from the Taipei airport the pilots reported an engine flameout. In a panic, the pilots mistakenly – and fatally – shut off the lone working engine. The airplane then banked sharply left clipping a taxi traveling over the Huandong Viaduct before hitting the viaduct itself with its left wing.

Of the 53 passengers and 5 crew members on board, 43 perished in the crash. Several cars traveling over the busy viaduct captured the crash mid-air via dashcams.

Happy Selfie Results in Tragic Accident

Anyone who has ever gotten angry over getting a ticket for using a cell phone while driving should pay attention to this story – then shut the hell up. 32-year old Courtney Ann Sanford’s final moment in life was posted on Facebook as she drove her car down Highway 85 in North Carolina. “The happy song makes me HAPPY” the message along with her selfie post read. Clearly not paying attention, she crossed over a median and drive smack dab into a truck. Courtney’s photo was posted at 8:33 am – and the accident was reported to authorities at 8:34 am, making this selfie the last thing she ever did.

Young Polish Medical Student Falls Off Bridge

Here, let’s try this again. Here’s a version of a previous tip, but in handy rhyme form: “If you can fall a long way, put the camera phone away.” Bridges tend to be high up in the air, including the Puente de Triana bridge in Seville, Spain. 23-year old Sylwia Rajchel, a medical student from Poland, was visiting the city on vacation and had even intended to move there once she finished school.

However, as she stood precariously on the edge of the bridge to take a selfie, she fell to the ground fifteen feet below. Fifteen feet may not sound like much, but hit the solid ground hard enough and it can cause major problems. In Sylwia’s case, it sent her into cardiac arrest and she passed away in the hospital shortly thereafter.

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