51 Chilling Photos Taken Just Moments Before Tragedy Struck

Suddenly A Jaguar

Being an endangered animal doesn’t mean they’re not a dangerous animal as this escaped jaguar shows. Hunting down the escaped animal, one man turns his back as the stalking pounces from a hiding place to show him exactly why it is considered an apex predator. Having escaped the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, in West Bengal operations were put in place to recapture the animal.

During its escape, it had terrorized the village of Limbu and was tracked down but ineffectively tranquilized. Here the animal is attacking a forest warden, who survived but the animal did not as it was shot by the man nearby. Sometimes it is not the animals that are the most dangerous but humanity.

Teen Received Selfie Shock Of Her Life

Another sad story of trains, teens, and electricity. This one involves 18-year old Romanian woman Anna Ursu. Anna and her friend went to a local train station to snap some photos when one of them had the bright idea to get some – you guessed it – on top of the train. Anna laid down on top of a carriage, only to ground out a live wire after innocently lifting her leg. This caused an electric shock that not only knocked her friend right off the train, but caused Anna to be engulfed in flames. A passerby ran to the top of the train and attempted to put out the flames, but Anna died from the burns at a hospital shortly thereafter.

Puerto Rican Reggae Artist Killed By Motorcycle Selfie

This is probably the most dangerous combination that you can imagine; taking a selfie while riding a motorbike. It’s like motorbikes are not dangerous enough so you wanted to spice things up with taking a selfie. Jadiel is a musician from Puerto Rico and he lost his life when a car crashed into him while he was taking a selfie.

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