51 Chilling Photos Taken Just Moments Before Tragedy Struck

Cessna Becomes Coffin

If it hasn’t already been made abundantly clear that selfies and vehicles are a dangerous combination, let’s add on to that with a story about air-planes. In 2014, 29-year old Colorado pilot Amritpal Singh took some friends on a leisurely flight in a Cessna 150K. When taking selfies at a normal flight altitude started to get boring, Singh attempted some low altitude maneuvers to spice things up. Sadly, it caused a crash that killed both Singh and one of his passengers.

Instant Karma

Bears typically become aggressive when they feel they or their family are threatened so when these hunters took a black bear as a trophy; they failed to notice its family member behind them as they posed for a photograph with their prize kill. You may not be able to see too clearly, but over the man on the left’s shoulder, a bear lurks in the shadows waiting for vengeance.

Often shy, it is also likely that this bear ran off if it thought it might meet the same fate but the fact it was so close to these men makes it a danger due to its sheer size and strength.

Hunter Becomes The Hunted

Us humans like to think of ourselves as being at the top of the food chain. And if eating Big Macs and shark fin soup wasn’t enough to prove it, some big men like to go out every now and again and face off with the wildlife, mano a mano and Ojo an ojo. The only problem with that is that for all our smartphones and fast food and “intelligence”, we really aren’t always the apex predator.

Now we’ve got nothing against hunters, but you’ve got to admit that there’s a sense of irony to this photo. This guy’s pretty proud that he’s just bagged himself a huge elk, and there’s a vicious mountain lion in the background, about to prove who’s really the king of the jungle. The man survived the attack, fortunately, by doing the manliest, big brave human thing he could do – running away.

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