51 Chilling Photos Taken Just Moments Before Tragedy Struck

Paddle Faster

Short-sighted and often rarely challenged for size and strength, sharks will often approach shapes in the water above them that they cannot identify and many shark attacks come about by the shark merely being curious as to what is floating in the water above them. Unfortunately for this guy, he seems to be on the wrong end of this shark’s inquisitive nature.

However, if the shark had decided the boat was not edible, it wouldn’t bother going in for a nibble so let’s keep our fingers crossed that it thought plastic might be a bit too chewy for it.

Anonymous Couple

They had it all – good looks, a beautiful location, and each other. But they just HAD to have this dangling-off-a-cliff selfie for their collection. Unfortunately, the couple didn’t survive the photo. After it was taken they both tragically fell to their deaths, providing a warning not to dangle off cliffs, in case you didn’t know it was a bad idea.

The Flash Wasn’t From The Camera

Let’s head back to the good ole’ U.S. of A. for our penultimate entry. It involves, not shockingly, a loaded gun and an accidental shooting. The (unnamed) man from Concrete, WA had just purchased a new gun, according to his girlfriend, and was anxious to post photos of himself with it, According to the girlfriend, the gun was unloaded and reloaded between photos. However, the man must have miscounted at one point, as the gun accidentally discharged, striking him in the head.

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