51 Chilling Photos Taken Just Moments Before Tragedy Struck

Is This Guy High?

If you’ve got acrophobia, or fear of heights, like a lot of us do, chances are just looking at this photo is making you feel a little bit sick. Imagine how he must feel! This daredevil is one of those people they call “urban explorers” – the kids who go around climbing through abandoned subway stations, building sites, and spooky old asylums.

Usually, they’re doing it without a care in the world, like this guy. Unfortunately, he was one of the ones who took their adventurous spirit a little too far. He and his friends had climbed up to the top of an unfinished skyscraper in Dubai, and he snapped this selfie just at the top. Only seconds later, he lost his grip on the scaffolding… and plunged to his death after falling over 100 stories.

Lurking, Waiting

If you’ve already spotted the very real danger lurking in this photo, you’re doing far better than this lady. She stands there, smiling, completely unaware that one of the most cunning and prehistoric creatures to slither across this planet is sizing her up, consider her for his next meal. What happens next? That friends, we can’t really tell you.

What will tell you is some saltwater crocodile facts, so you can come to your own conclusions. Living primarily in northern Australia and South-East Asia, they are one of the planets most fearsome killers and can grow up to 23 feet in length. They kill their prey by utilizing what is known as a “death roll”, clamping down on their body, dragging them into the water, and rolling them over and over until they drown. Several tourists have been killed by crocodiles in the last few years.

Crash Landing

This is one of those photos that looks completely fake but believe us, it’s totally real. It comes from the Goodwood Revival in 2000, a race on the old British circuit that features vintage cars driven by ex-professional racers. Nigel Corner was one of those drivers, and the crash that sent both him and his Ferrari Dino flying was one that he’ll never forget.

This astounding feat of capturing this photo (it was taken by a man named Jeff Bloxam) was matched by the narrow escape of Corner. Although he broke 20 bones and his back and punctured both lungs, he survived, recovered, and even managed to race the very next year. The reason he survived, in fact, was that he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and so cleared the car before it rolled.

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